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    Worried about your money and your future retirement? You want to make the right decisions when it comes to your financials and your family. You know it’s important but don’t get around to it. [More]

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    No matter where you are in life, financial decisions abound. And when you’re busy, overwhelmed by the options, or confused by contradictory advice, it can be hard to be confident you are making the best decisions. We can help. [More]

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    Holistic financial planning is a process, not an event. It focuses on your goals, integrates all areas of your financial life, recognizes how your beliefs and attitudes impact the decisions you make, and adjusts as your circumstances change. [More]

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There are often both intellectual and emotional reactions and solutions to financial problems. For example, let's consider credit card debt. Intellectually and by the numbers, it is better to pay off a card that has the higher interest rate first. Sometimes this card has one of the higher balances and it is therefore hard to get traction and feel like there is progress in the debt reduction. Often, it is more effective to make the minimum payments on the higher balance cards and put the biggest effort on the lowest card balance. This permits the card with the lowest balance to get paid off more quickly. Paying off the low balance card provides emotional traction in the process of debt reduction. The monthly payment dollars that are no longer being applied to the lowest balance card can now be applied to the next lowest balance card. Often this means even a larger amount getting applied to this second card. This smallest card debt first approach answers the intellectual requirement of getting the card debt paid off while feeding the emotional side with demonstrated progress in debt reduction. ... See MoreSee Less

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Living on less than one makes doesn't have to feel like money diet. It is about an approach to lifestyle. The cliche of giving up the expensive latte has merit. It can be replaced by an upscale cup of coffee prepared at home for less. Ultimately, there is money saved while still having a certain lifestyle enjoyment. Likewise, in the Chicago area some shorter car trips can avoid the tollways and perhaps only take a few minutes longer to get to the destination. It is not as much about the $2 or so saved on the toll or the latte as it is about making conscience small money choices that add up over time. Most importantly, these small choices causes a shift in ones attitude toward lifestyle and spending that pay large dividends over a lifetime. ... See MoreSee Less

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