Recharging My Parenting Batteries While Letting My Son Expend His!

We are about halfway through the summer with activities in full tilt.  My son, Ryan, and I are enjoying the change in schedule. Now I am reflecting on what I need for me this summer while supporting my son’s best interests and making a deliberate effort to recharge my batteries that were drawn down from… [Continue]

Out of Town? Stay connected with your kid.

Recently, while at professional training out of town, one of the instructor’s was missing her daughter’s birthday. Sandi invited the class of 35 to sing to her daughter by phone. It was an amazing experience. Sandi teared up out of happiness. She reported her daughter overflowed with joy from hearing that special song from her… [Continue]

The ABCs of Kids and Money

Now that the kiddos are back in school, what will they learn about money? The best I can tell from my 1st grader is that he will learn about counting money this year. He will certainly need to know how to count it though much less so in these days of plastic and digital money.… [Continue]

Does someone own your child’s identity?

These days our child are at increased risk to have their financial identity ripped off. Identity thieves might use an identity, stolen shortly after birth, for 15 years or more. Criminals can use the stolen personal data to open credit cards, file fraudulent tax returns, and much more. All this damage may take several years… [Continue]

Am I Ready for My Son’s Driving?

While having my son earn his driver’s license is a few years away, I have started thinking about the process.   A lot has changed since I earned “full” driving privileges at age 16. Today’s 16 year old driver’s license requirements are almost as complex as it was for me to get my pilot’s license in… [Continue]

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