Money and More ©, Orland Park, October 27, 2018

Funding a Trust My financial planning training and estate planning lawyer suggested I create a living trust for my estate planning situation.  I went through the process of creating and signing legal documents with my wonderful attorney, Amy Delaney.  After that, the real work began. I needed to fund the trust.  That means I worked… [Continue]

A Week of Thoughts September 29, 2018

9/23 Do you hold individual stocks?   Consider the size of your portfolio you may be taking too much risk.   Just consider the wide swings of stocks like Tesla or the problems of Enron and others in the past.   A diversified mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund gives you the ability for a relatively modest… [Continue]

A Week of Thoughts September 15, 2018

9/9 How do you teach your kids about handling money? There are so many different ways and each kid learns differently. Some ideas include allowances, paid for chores, charitable giving, helping budget for a desired toy want, paying their own phone bill, and using a set limit for purchasing new clothes. Each one of these… [Continue]

A Week of Thoughts September 8, 2018

9/2 Do you have replacement coverage on your homeowner’s insurance? If not, you may end up with a big bill if you have complete rebuild. 9/3 Are you investing in your professional education and advancement? Consider that your individual human capital today will become your future financial capital. 9/4 How much do your investments cost… [Continue]

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