College Funding

College Funding

College Funding—a dilemma for many. Parents want their kids to be successful. Often, today that means a college education. In fact, the access to collegiate education has never been higher because of the availability of student loans. As result of this ready source of education cash, colleges have been able to steadily raise their prices over the years. It is now possible to find total expenses for single year of college to be approaching $100K per year.

College Funding Advisor

College Pre-Approval™

Essential Financial Strategies is here to help. Using the College Pre-Approval™ process, I help families create a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for comfortable retirement at the same time.* To be clear this is not college selection planning for a particular major or specialty or help with test scores or prep. Rather it is financial planning for families with kids bound for college.

Often, we shop for schools based on name, sports teams. or emotional response to a campus tour. While a school’s pedigree is important, there are many selective schools that provide a great education and provide lower overall net or out-of-pocket costs. The College Pre-Approval™ helps you navigate this complex multi-year journey. Whether your student is in junior or a senior in high school Essential Financial Strategies’ Strategic College Plan is here to help you.

Three-Step Process

The Strategic College Plan uses the three-step College Pre-Approval™ process to help you navigate paying for school.

  1. Identify Personal Resources
  2. Establish Maximum Student Loan Amount
  3. Shop for Schools Within the Budget

Using this process, I can help you find the right college for the right price. That is minimizing student loans and leaving you with money for retirement. This is college funding done right.

*College Pre-Approval™ concepts and wording used with permission of Capstone College Partners™.

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