Essential Financial Review

The Financial Review–A great way to start

The Essential Financial Review is specifically designed to address your immediate financial planning concerns and is not comprehensive financial planning.  It is a snapshot of your current situation.

Typical Financial Review Topics

  • Are my investments structured according to my goals, risk profile, time horizon, and tax situation?
  • How can I reduce my investment costs?
  • Am I saving enough to retire?
  • What are the best retirement-savings vehicles for me?
  • How can we save for our child’s education?
  • Should we open a 529 plan?
  • Should funds for college be in our child’s name?
  • How can I develop a spending plan to help me achieve my goals?
  • What type of tax strategies are right for me?
  • Can I amend prior tax returns for missed deductions?

Included in the Essential Financial Review

  • 8-10 hours of financial planning work by a CFP professional
  • An appointment that answers your two or three most pressing questions or concerns
  • Written Recommendations
  • Proprietary analysis tools and materials
  • Thirty days of follow-up via email and phone for clarification
  • Application of review fees to year round service within 30 days

Documents typically needed for the review:

  • Copies of the last three years of state and federal tax returns
  • Most recent investment statements (copies)
  • Additional documentation required might include
    • Social Security Statement for retirement planning
    • Pension Statement or projections for retirement planning
    • Household Spending Amounts for retirement planning
    • Estate Documents
    • Trust Documents
    • College Cost Projections

Cost:  $850

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