Fiduciary + Fee-Only + Comprehensive = Objective AdviceFee-Only Transparency

As Fiduciary Fee-Only Planners, we hold ourselves to these standards:

  • Fiduciary: We are legally required to act in good faith.   That is, we put your interests ahead of our own.  As fiduciaries, we make full written disclosure of any conflicts of interest.  Conflicts which may compromise our impartiality.
  • Fee-Only:  We receive no compensation contingent on you acting on our advice.  As Fee-only advisors, we do not sell financial products or receive commissions.  We are not salespeople.  Thus, we receive no benefit from the investment choices you make.  As you pay us directly, our allegiance is to you.
  • Comprehensive: We provide investment advice based on your goals  and situation.  We carefully consider all your financial risks, your taxes, and the rest of your financial plan.


As fee-only financial advisors, we sell no products and receive no commissions. Instead, you pay us an annual retainer or fixed fee that covers all our meetings.  Additionally, it gives you full access to us at no additional charge whenever you have questions or your circumstances change. Knowing in advance exactly how much you are paying for advice and understanding that your advisor puts your interests first brings peace of mind.


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