Services and Fees

Three tiers of service

1.  Best–Essential  Retainer–Minimum cost of $3000*

The Essential Retainer provides comprehensive financial planning for a fixed annual fee. The Client agrees to an ongoing relationship with EFS as their trusted guide in financial areas of their life. You will have six to eleven scheduled meetings during the Initial Year (see below), depending on your individual situation, and generally three or four scheduled meetings during Renewal Years (see below). In addition to scheduled meetings, additional face-to-face, e-mail and/or phone consultations are included at no additional charge.

Services provided may include, but are not limited to: tax preparation, tax planning, risk management review, inventory of assets, analysis of financial goals, portfolio analysis, development of an asset allocation strategy, no-load mutual fund/Exchange Traded Fund recommendations, retirement planning and estate plan reviews.  Fee is based upon the complexity of your situation.

2.  Better–Essential Project Retainer–Minimum cost of $1000

Essential Project Retainer services are narrower in scope as compared to the Essential Retainer and usually focus on one or more of the following areas: goal setting, asset/liability analysis, tax planning, cash flow management, investment review, retirement planning, risk management, estate planning, and record keeping. The service includes various Client consultations as well as written and/or oral recommendations resulting from such consultations. The Essential Project Retainer does not constitute a comprehensive financial planning engagement. As such, follow-up advice and/or implementation assistance is not provided following the completion of the Essential Project Retainer agreement.  Cost varies on the complexity of the situation.

3.  Good–Essential Financial Review –Cost $850

An Essential Financial Review consists of a two hour review of 2-3 financial planning questions selected in advance by the Client. A 30-day follow-up window after the meeting via phone and email is included at no additional charge.  The Essential Financial Review does not constitute a comprehensive financial planning engagement. This program is ideal for strong do yourself types or those wanting to try out financial planning on a limited basis.   Click on this sentence to learn more and get started.


*If you wish to upgrade to the Essential Retainer option, you may receive credit toward Essential Retainer fees for all amounts paid under Essential Project Retainer or Essential Financial Review agreements in the previous 30 calendar days.



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