Investments–Wealth Management

Grow, Protect, and Manage Your Investments, Your Wealth

Do you ever wonder:

  • Wall Street Home of many investmentsDo I buy individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, Treasuries, commodities, gold, or just leave my money in my savings account?
  • How much am I really paying for my investments?
  • What are the tax implications of my portfolio?
  • Which securities should I hold in my retirement accounts instead of my brokerage accounts?
  • Am I diversified?
  • Do my emotions drive my financial decisions sometimes rather than objective analysis?
  • How much risk am I taking?

Our investment advice is integrated fully with your comprehensive financial plan.  This gives you the security and confidence that you have the best strategy for meeting your wealth goals.

Read how Functional Asset Allocation helps us give better investment advice.



Contact Essential Financial Strategies to discuss your goals and concerns for growing, protecting, and managing your wealth.  Our professional, objective investment advice may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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