Who We Help

planning-familyProactive working couples with school aged kids work with me to put their financial lives in order, relieve financial stress and create a wealth path for retirement and their kids’ education.

These folks, overwhelmed with money choices and exhausted from work and school activities, contact us when they wonder

  • Do I save for retirement or my child’s education?
  • Is a 529 plan right for me?
  • Where should I go when I get a letter from the IRS?
  • How should I invest my 401K?
  • Am I confident I am making the best decisions for my future?
  • What am I going to do in retirement?
  • How can I financially fulfill my dreams?
  • Can I worry less about money and enjoy life?

Rorik Larson retired from the Army at age 44 with a newborn.  He experienced and understands many of the questions and emotions that come up on the journey to retirement while raising a family.  He can help you with your questions and concerns.

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