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planning-familyProactive working couples with school aged kids work with me to  create a wealth path for their kids’ education and retirement.

These families typically earn $175,000 to $300,000 a year.  Typically, both parents (aged 40 to 55)  are college educated though only one parent may work.  They value education and want to make sure their kids get a quality education from kindergarten through college.  The parents maybe be helping their elderly parents.  They engage outside help with tasks that distract them from their families such as house cleaning and lawn care.  Such parents appreciate the beauty of simplicity and recognize complex solutions often add headaches to their lives.  The bottom-line is that these families are busy and want help making the critical financial decisions.

Does this sound like you?

Are you overwhelmed with money choices and exhausted from work and school activities, contact us when they wonder

  • How can  I save for retirement and my child’s education?
  • Is a 529 plan right for me?
  • Where should I go when I get a letter from the IRS?
  • How should I invest my 401K?
  • Am I confident I am making the best decisions for my future?
  • What am I going to do in retirement?
  • How can I financially fulfill my dreams?
  • Can I worry less about money and enjoy life?

Rorik Larson retired from the Army at age 44 with a newborn.  He knows first hand the many questions and emotions that come up while planning for college and simultaneously on the journey to retirement.  He can help you with your questions and concerns.

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