Who We Help

planning-familyProactive working couples with school aged kids work with me to  create a wealth path for retirement and their kids’ education.

These folks, overwhelmed with money choices and exhausted from work and school activities, contact us when they wonder

  • Do I save for retirement or my child’s education?
  • Is a 529 plan right for me?
  • Where should I go when I get a letter from the IRS?
  • How should I invest my 401K?
  • Am I confident I am making the best decisions for my future?
  • What am I going to do in retirement?
  • How can I financially fulfill my dreams?
  • Can I worry less about money and enjoy life?

Rorik Larson retired from the Army at age 44 with a newborn.  He knows first hand the many questions and emotions that come up on the journey to retirement while raising a family and helping senior parents.  He can help you with your questions and concerns.

Our Clients

We work with clients in various life stages and situations.   Overtime two distinct groups have become clients.


  • Navigating financial decisions around life’s changes such as buying a home, starting a family, or job changes
  • Prioritizing savings for education, retirement, housing, and emergencies
  • Planning cash flow for the kid’s education or parents advanced degrees
  • Review insurance needs to protect families as changes occur-babies, marriages, new drivers

Pre-Retirees or Newly Retired

  • Planning the transition to retirement including creating retirement paycheck from investments
  • Reviewing the finances required to afford a retirement lifestyle and keeping goals on track
  • Reducing the complexity of financial accounts created over a lifetime
  • Creating and implementing a strategy for charitable and family gifting and legacy





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