Money and More © Orland Park, November 3, 2018

Maintenance While cleaning up and doing tent maintenance after a recent Orland Park Cub Scout camping trip, I thought about how important it is to perform maintenance on many items including my investment accounts.  This part of financial planning is necessary yet a very unexciting chore.  I perform such cleaning tasks as making sure beneficiaries… [Continue]

A Week of Thoughts for October 13, 2018

10/7/18  Sunday Simplifying Some days are just not good ones to be dealing with personal finances and that is OK. Though I am passionate about financial planning, there are those days when I just don’t want to deal with my own finances because other things are going on in my life or I am just… [Continue]

Recharging My Parenting Batteries While Letting My Son Expend His!

We are about halfway through the summer with activities in full tilt.  My son, Ryan, and I are enjoying the change in schedule. Now I am reflecting on what I need for me this summer while supporting my son’s best interests and making a deliberate effort to recharge my batteries that were drawn down from… [Continue]

Out of Town? Stay connected with your kid.

Recently, while at professional training out of town, one of the instructor’s was missing her daughter’s birthday. Sandi invited the class of 35 to sing to her daughter by phone. It was an amazing experience. Sandi teared up out of happiness. She reported her daughter overflowed with joy from hearing that special song from her… [Continue]

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